What maps would u like added to the server?

Discussion in 'Gaming Servers' started by trip, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. trip

    trip New Member

    List maps that u would like to see on the TDN server(s). If you can find where to download the map that you would like on the TDN server(s) please post the link.
  2. math

    math New Member

    Bridge XL
  3. trip

    trip New Member

    has been added math
  4. Gotcha

    Gotcha New Member

    ya one of my favs too Math, and also i think another map I'd like like to see is

    {ROA} Valley i do believe it used to be a ladders map when MGZ was kickin. Anyone verify this map name? The bases had like a little shelter with a ramp in front, little streams, with tunnels on the left and right of bases a couple of teleporters also. I remember one would teleport you into a box at the side near base? thanks
  5. trip

    trip New Member

    gotcha ya that is the name of the map and i has been added to the server roavalley][
  6. skillzservers333

    skillzservers333 New Member

  7. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    This was related to our old Unreal Tournament server that's not longer being maintained.
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