TDN server downgrade

Discussion in 'Gaming Servers' started by Skillz, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    So I had to downgrade our cheat protection (UTDC) to version 1.8 because some servers *cough*hnc*cough* can't upgrade to the latest version (version 2.1) so people who played in the other server and tried to come over would 90% of the time crash. :squint:

    So TDN now runs UTDC 1.8
  2. trip

    trip New Member

    wow that is just gay was lazy asses :meh:
  3. overflow

    overflow Administrator

    And crazy shit too.

    Shouldnt 2.1 install itself to clients without it?
  4. Bear

    Bear Administrator

    cheat protection doesnt even matter anymore. theres shit out there that bypasses everything. the other mod community that im around was trying to get xray gaming or some shit to make another cheat protection. it kinda sucks how utdc blows now. :meh:
  5. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    Well if you are on the 1.8 server playing then join a 2.1 server, it will crash your system because the 1.8 information is still in your memory.
  6. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    Since the dawn of time there has always been cheats that get past the cheat protection, even back in the day with CHSP and UTPURE.
  7. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    the server is getting more action here lately, now that people know about it

    just hop on the server and spawn kill the shit outta the bot, eventually people will join you :wiggle:
  8. Blink

    Blink New Member

    But it's 50,000x easier now.
  9. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    Not really. Cheats have always been easy to get and cheat protections have always been bypassed hours/days after it's release.

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