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Discussion in 'Killing Floor 1 & 2' started by Akaris, May 28, 2016.

  1. Akaris

    Akaris New Member

    ScrN Balance files updated to the latest version used by official ScrN servers.

    Added some new features, fixed Team Survival Competition crashes, etc.

    For more information check out the steam group:
  2. madfin

    madfin New Member

    By latest you mean 9.17 BETA version? Thats no good. IMO we should keep with latest stable version 9.15 and update when next stable version is released.
  3. Akaris

    Akaris New Member

    Sorry, but v9.15 is not "stable", there are so many errors/bugs and crashes in some gamemodes that afects the gameplay, in some cases totally ruins the experience (TSC mode). Some of them are already fixed thanks to recent updates

    Update changelog (today):

    "Updated to v9.17 BETA 20
    - Fixed point-blank hit detection for Crossbow, M99 and VSS (last requires latest version of ScrnWeaponPack)
    - Restored door respawn in TSC
    - Fixed pickup message for Crossbow arrow [thanks to NikC-]
    - Life span of Crossbow arrows raised to 60s (up from 10)
    - Fixed (maybe) weird hand nade behavior after picking up an ammo box [NikC-]
    - Fixed Husk Gun's charge update after getting hit by an enemy [NikC-]
    - Fixed M99 Bullet's sticking to doors / movers

    Updated to v9.17 BETA 22
    - Max name length is limited to default 20 characters but now excluding color tags
    - Probably fixed client crash on entering "ScrN Features" menu
    - Fixed some Tripwire's nonsense in Boss's spawn code
    I also added a few log messages to boss spawning function - maybe those will help to identify problems of spawning HardPat on some maps."

    As mentioned above we need to report the new log messages with the beautiful gamebreaking hardPat not spawning on final wave (also happening on "stable" v9.15). Beside that, almost all of the recent fixes are welcome and make a better experience of ScrN.
    These updates are now live on official and some non-official servers.
  4. madfin

    madfin New Member

    Stable version has hardly existed since last v8, but i think that if the version is marked as BETA, problems can be expected and such version should not be updated to redirect. Such beta version also can be updated daily, which is PITA for server owners to continously check and update.
  5. Akaris

    Akaris New Member

    If we still talking about previous v9.15, it should never have become a stable version. This version has far more failures right now than the newer versions and thats a fact.

    "problems can be expected and such version should not be updated to redirect"... I can say the same thing for v9.15. The big difference is that newer versions like 9.16 & 9.17 fixed some issues and gamebreaking crashes that older versions had.

    So, the other big important subject here (for you) are the "daily updates" right? Well, server owners were always tied to them, in this case the only thing you need to do is a simple ctrl+c and ctrl+v of the new content (15 files or less) and thats it, no big deal. If you can´t keep a server up to date then why you bother in having a server in the first place ?

    Maybe Skillz could bring some light here so we can solve this. Until then, i will upload updated/fixed content of ScrN.

  6. madfin

    madfin New Member

    Even though it may fix some bugs, it still is BETA version and should not be updated in redirect. Stable version should be released soon. Updating daily BETAs to server is a dick move in my books. I bet there is lots of server owners who has no fucking idea of you doings and players are forced to dl scrn files from server directly.
  7. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    Their BETA update is not a DAILY update. Therefore it's the current latest version they're using and thus it needs to be the latest version on the redirect.
  8. NikC-

    NikC- New Member

    This BETA is far more stable than 9.15, I can confirm this bcuz I play it everyday. And I'm the main guilty behind this updates :p Jk
  9. Akaris

    Akaris New Member

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