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  1. HabakukFreitag

    HabakukFreitag New Member

    Hello guys!
    Im new here and I realy dont know how to upload my custom KF2 map to these servers here..
    Meaby somebody could explain me that, would be very nice!

    Cheers and greetings!

    EDIT: Ive found out that I will need FTP access. Ive looked for the post about FTP login information, but there is only the host given, to connect I will need the port as well, wont I? So I ask you Skillz for access to the FTP server, would be realy kind of you :)
  2. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    You'll need an FTP client such as Filezilla. The port is default.
  3. HabakukFreitag

    HabakukFreitag New Member

    Thanks for the answer! I have downloaded FileZilla, and Ive pasted in the "Connect to server" window the ip-adress you have written in the KF FTP post (, as well as the password from that post (wont write it here, but the gibberish of numbers and letters starting with a "4", ending with a "R"). But I cant paste the username you have written there. Also, what is the default port? 7777, Killing Floor 2 game port? Or one of the other ports I have forwarded on my router?
    Sorry for all these questions man, but I am realy new into all of this...

    Ive tried to connect with that ip adress and with all these ports (7777, 8080 and so on) and with that password. With 8080 as the port, FileZilla connected and waited for authentication, and then disconnected again after 4 seconds...

    Here is a screenshot made via Lightshot:

    I realy appologize for all these questions and problems.
    Greetings and thank you.
  4. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    FTP uses port 21. Should be the default port.

    That screenshot is the SERVER version of Filezilla. You need the client version.
  5. HabakukFreitag

    HabakukFreitag New Member

    Oh man.
    This is embarissing...

    Thank you Skillz. Realy, for everything, the server, as well as your help.
    Its working now.

    Have a great day and cheers.

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