New server - L4D - Tutorial on how to join it.

Discussion in 'Left 4 Dead 1 & 2' started by Skillz, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Got a new server set, Left 4 Dead. Installed custom campaigns on it as well, you can find them in the Files section of this site. Must install before you can join/play them.

    Server's IP is
    Server 2's IP is

    To connect to the server directly from the Lobby, you must enable the developers console.

    Once that's enabled, hit the ` key to open it. (Button located to the left of the number "1" key on top of the keyboard. It's above the "Tab" button.

    Once you open that, type:

    [hint. When you start to type in mm_dedica you'll see it auto fill under where you are typing, simply use the arrow keys to highlight what you want.]

    Now you can join the dedicated server from within' the lobby. Simply create/start a new game and it will auto join our dedicated server.

    Alternatively you can connect to it directly by using the server browser.

    You will still need to enable the developers console using the steps above. Then type openserverbrowser and it will open the server browser for you. You can add by IP using the IP & or simple search for it in the list the name is "Skillz Death Kamp" once you find it/add it you can simply double click it to join assuming the server isn't already full.
  2. Skillz

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    I have that key bind to one of my keys.

    To do that I typed

    bind F11 "mm_dedicated_force_servers"

    Into the console, now when I start a new lobby I press F11 before I start the game. It will auto connect to my server, unless someone is already in it. In which case I just join through the server browser.
  3. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    To add more than one server to the line, use a comma to separate them like this


    So if you bind it, it will be like this.

    bind f11 "mm_dedicated_force_servers,"

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