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    You are not to kickvote someone who doesn't deserve to be kicked. This means the server is NOT your server to keep private for you and your little buddies. If you want a private server then start a listen server or rent your own. This also means that if you and your buddy die and a badass such as myself starts to clear the wave for you, you are not to kick vote them out so you can play in the next map.

    Reasons for kick voting:
    1. Player is abusive over the mic and/or abusing it.
    2. Player is abusing the voice commands.
    3. Player is disrupting the game play.

    Reasons not to kick:
    1. You died and want to play.
    2. You think it's a server for you and your friends.
    3. You're bored.
    4. You're jealous of a player better than you.
    5. For no reason.
    6. Anything that constitute a kick.

    Player not playing? Fine. Is the server full? Kick him so others can join. If it's not full, leave him as it will allow the server to spawn more zeds for you to kill.

    Player not playing as a team? That's his business. You should learn to defend for yourself.

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