Killing Floor - IP ban for no reason

Discussion in 'Reports, Help, & Suggestions' started by cinna2, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. cinna2

    cinna2 New Member

    My girlfriend and I joined a server, we were "DEAD" as we had just joined, the other two players were still on wave, then after 3 minutes or so one of them just IP banned both of us from the server, and a message pop-up saying an admin banned us, I don't remember the name of the server, but I do have the two Steam ID of both players, so one of them must have admin powers.

    Player 1: Rune

    Player 2: LordRhythm
  2. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    The only person with admin on my servers are me. You most likely got kick voted off the server by those two players. Without knowing the name of the server I can't pull up the log to see what happened though.
  3. bbb

    bbb New Member

    on Killing Floor (through Steam) server: Skillz Death Kamp 06 | hard |
    i was instant kicked with an admin popup
    still on server are LordRhythm and Rune
    These two are abusing servers making them their private server over and over.
    You guys should do something about this ONGOING abuse
    e.g. perma ban their ip from access to our servers. They are harassing members of this site and so far are going unpunished.

    Your assistance is appreciated
  4. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    I will look into it. Thank you for reporting them.
  5. bbb

    bbb New Member

    Just now (about 10pm central dst) on Skillz Death Kamp 15 | normal | i was instant kicked with admin popup on entering the server
    AGAIN as usual there were two names already in the server: Steick.- and Tamara.P

    These people are abusing the public servers as their private servers and kicking others the instant they enter the server
    AND aspparently nothing is being done to punish those ip

    i STRONGLY suggest any and all kick votes within skillzservers be documented to detect this ONGOING problem... especially when the kick vote is initiated the instant another person enters the server.
  6. bbb

    bbb New Member

    Skillz Death Kamp 02 | hard | -- KF-Manor
    just now i was instant kicked
    in server: beard_the_beard, Clavier, fugred

    This is intolerable.
    people are making the Skillzservers private use only, even though it is through steam and this site claims instant kicking others just to make the servers private use only will not be tolerated.
    WELL not only have MANY people been doing just that (AND MOSTLY ONLY ON SKILLZSERVERS,) but they are going unpunuished... it is a constant ongoing abuse!

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