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Discussion in 'Killing Floor 1 & 2' started by Saeidzzz, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Saeidzzz

    Saeidzzz New Member

    Thank you for the awesome redirect im posting to get ftp access thank you again for the service your providing :)
  2. riz

    riz New Member

    Could I please get FTP access as well? Thanks!
  3. Malbushim

    Malbushim New Member

    Hello! I want to upload a map for my server (I haven't downloaded it yet but it's KF_rainingzeds or something). Can I get FTP access??? Thanks!!!!!!
  4. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    Only paying members are allowed to upload new files to the FTP. Anyone is free to use the redirect on their servers however.
  5. Parras

    Parras New Member

    How do you become a paying member?
  6. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

  7. InZide

    InZide New Member

    how long does it take to get upgraded? And is it possible to replace a file? Because I've got an updated version of ServerExt

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