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Discussion in 'Killing Floor 1 & 2' started by Mistergrumps, Sep 24, 2015.

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  1. imagin

    imagin New Member

    Redirect server killing floor 2, testing again.
  2. Evansdill

    Evansdill New Member

    How do I download the maps from here? I see the list from the redirect link but I can't download the .kfm files from there to put in my server folder.
  3. Pierawr

    Pierawr New Member

    Posting for the redirect login.

    It's been said many times before, but thank you for hosting the server redirect.
  4. lawnoob

    lawnoob New Member

    I would like access for kf1 redirect.
  5. joopie

    joopie New Member

    ty sir :naughty:
  6. waseem2k

    waseem2k New Member

    Posting for FTP access
  7. Goon Scum

    Goon Scum New Member

    I would like to request access to the Killing Floor 2 FTP. Thank you.
  8. aarbaro

    aarbaro New Member

    Same reason here, <3 thanks
  9. vxXJordanXxv

    vxXJordanXxv New Member

    Hi same as everyone else trying to get access to the repository. :) - Jordan
  10. TyR

    TyR New Member

    Hey would like to get redirect login for my KF2 server :cool:
  11. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

  12. cottonthemoth

    cottonthemoth New Member

    Posting for my KF1 Server :]
  13. Sn4ky

    Sn4ky New Member

    Just want to say thanks :) read the thread... link seems not to work at least for me but managed to do it anyway :) looking forward to get access :)
  14. Abyss

    Abyss New Member

    Posting here for the redirect login. Thanks Skillz!
  15. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

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