FTP/Redirect login request

Discussion in 'Killing Floor 1 & 2' started by Mistergrumps, Sep 24, 2015.

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  1. Macdaddy6969

    Macdaddy6969 New Member

    please let me edit FTP versions are all wonky :D
  2. Siffi

    Siffi New Member

    You da real MVP.

    *wiping single tear away*
  3. nexonpod

    nexonpod New Member

    thanks for setting this up
  4. DONK11

    DONK11 New Member

    Thanks for hosting the server.
  5. nu052106

    nu052106 New Member

    pose here
  6. rasecfight

    rasecfight New Member

    Thank you for the redirection
  7. darkfate

    darkfate New Member

    Yes I would like access and the information for the redirect if possible, just so I can download the maps off it
  8. zachjd

    zachjd New Member

    Thanks for the best redirect.
  9. spraz

    spraz New Member

    Same reason and thanks for the redirect!
  10. nogoodnameleft95

    nogoodnameleft95 New Member

    Well I can only agree, thanks for your work !
  11. Posting here also to prove I'm not a robot so I can add maps to the redirect. Donated as well about a week ago to show my appreciation, thanks for the service man!
  12. rasecfight

    rasecfight New Member

    Thank you again fot the best redirect but i can't login to the FTP to upload new maps (bad authentication). What's wrong?
  13. Gas2100

    Gas2100 New Member

    posting for redirect
  14. gti987

    gti987 New Member

    Misma razón y gracias por la redirección
  15. Stank

    Stank New Member

    Ditto. Really would love to have some file up to. Such as BattleRoyal.kfm
  16. dantheratman

    dantheratman New Member

    post for redirect
  17. komet

    komet New Member

    hi :) , i post in order to be able to put some files on the redirect server.
  18. Ferenos

    Ferenos New Member

    Same reason here. I just paid a few minutes ago.
  19. iagoandrade2

    iagoandrade2 New Member

    please ftp login
  20. TheDoctorWho

    TheDoctorWho New Member

    Post for redirect access
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