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Discussion in 'Killing Floor 1 & 2' started by Mistergrumps, Sep 24, 2015.

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  1. skillzservers333

    skillzservers333 New Member

    Hey I followed your steps and also did this: UseCompression=True
    AllowDownloads=False. Added the compressed map but I'm still connecting to GameServers.com server and not yours. What am I doing wrong?
  2. M4X

    M4X New Member

    Thanks for your redirect server
  3. skillzservers333

    skillzservers333 New Member

    connection failed downloading package kf-theygooutofthedarkness' failed: Server refused to send kf-theygooutofthedarkness'

    Update: Nvm issue is fixed.

    [SM]NEGATIVE-0 New Member

    Thanks for your time and resources for this KF2 redirect! Cheers!
  5. oCh33sYo

    oCh33sYo New Member

    Thanks for providing such a useful service for server hosts!
  6. Paradox92

    Paradox92 New Member

    Thanks for hosting :*
  7. cooliosis

    cooliosis New Member

  8. sp235fred

    sp235fred New Member

  9. nbanoob

    nbanoob New Member

    just going to post here
  10. rtbecool

    rtbecool New Member

  11. CLobo

    CLobo New Member

    Its never too late ja

    Thanks you guys
  12. NECRO

    NECRO New Member

    Looking for the redirect login :)
  13. Senkon

    Senkon New Member

    Here comes a post
  14. Nithralder

    Nithralder New Member

    Thanks for the server redirect!
  15. fstr21@gmail.com

    fstr21@gmail.com New Member

    I'm also posting here for that reason. Thanks for setting up the redirect.
  16. 123ecq347

    123ecq347 New Member

    same here
  17. Hiikeri

    Hiikeri New Member

    Another post @new member.
  18. PMB

    PMB New Member

  19. sFaSalt

    sFaSalt New Member

    One would like to go about obtaining the ftp in bippity, the boppity, and the boopity.
    Good day!

    P.S. On a more serious note, thanks for the redirect. It's made sharing maps a lot simpler.

    [ sFa ] Salt
  20. Thuleq

    Thuleq New Member

    FTP access please.
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