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Discussion in 'Killing Floor 1 & 2' started by Mistergrumps, Sep 24, 2015.

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  1. Mistergrumps

    Mistergrumps New Member

  2. KingKitNip

    KingKitNip New Member

    I'm also posting here for that reason. Thanks for setting up the redirect.
  3. scoot

    scoot New Member

    Ditto, want to try testing my new map =]
  4. korvus

    korvus New Member

    Thanks heaps for running the redirect. Hope it's cool to upload a couple more maps.
  5. DiOs101

    DiOs101 New Member

    Same reason and thanks for the redirect!
  6. mike5879

    mike5879 New Member

    posting for same reason
  7. CaptainAhab

    CaptainAhab New Member

    same reason as everyone else!
  8. IIstaticxII

    IIstaticxII New Member

    cof cof cof im here for the same
  9. RageMastaFlex

    RageMastaFlex New Member

    Indeed. thanks!
  10. Resilient

    Resilient New Member

    Same here!
  11. Banal420

    Banal420 New Member

    Hello, thank you for your service skillz! I too, am posting as per the request requirement to have the redirect login. I have a KF2 server up and a few custom maps to try out.

  12. mcguffins51

    mcguffins51 New Member

  13. LiquidArrow

    LiquidArrow New Member

    ditto here :D
  14. gRoTTo.oRc

    gRoTTo.oRc New Member

    The obligatory first post after joining the forum to get FTP access (I think that's how it works). I've had a look around the forums and looks good. I think I'll be spending some time here in the future.

    Thank you for the redirect service, Skillz. Unfortunately I only learned of your services now but I pick up you've been doing this since at least the KF 1 days. Respect and gratitute! You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir.
  15. DantesLink

    DantesLink New Member

    Little late to the party. Appreciate the public redirect!!!
  16. MetalGunTalk

    MetalGunTalk New Member

    I was wondering how this would manifest. But yes. Same. :)
  17. freakypred

    freakypred New Member

    A public service to all.
  18. Bindles

    Bindles New Member

    thanks for hosting these files.
  19. trystan

    trystan New Member

    Thanks for the collaboration with tripwire to get their cdn up to date!
  20. xRuneXero

    xRuneXero New Member

    Would love to have FTP access, hosting a server and using your Redirect list, but it's missing a map or two that I would like to add :)
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