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  1. Skillz

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    So I've spent the better half of about 2 and a half hours (still not done either) searching high and low for CTF4 maps and the game type, after tweaking with it for about an hour and a half, I simply could not get it to work correctly with MapVoteLA. Fucking MapVote kept wanting to open the regular CTF maps, with the CTF4 game type. So you still ended up playing with just two teams, and nothing I could do seemed to be able to change that.

    Then I ran into MultiCTF. Basically the exact same thing, only CTFM is the prefix of the maps. I got it loaded and working on the server just fine, though the maps are a bit meh, none of our regular "LGI 155/55" maps are converted. Still uploading some though and I haven't played them all yet, some of them are ok. I am going to see if I can get the CTF4 maps to work with the MultiCTF mutator and maybe, just maybe MapVoteLA will load the CTF4 maps correctly this time. :squint:
  2. trip

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    sounds like to much work
  3. Dakilla

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    sounds gay
  4. Skillz

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    I got it working now. I just have to rename the CTF4 maps to CTFM and they work fine. :wiggle: I managed to fine CTF4-ThornsV2 and I just renamed it to CTFM-ThronsV2 and it loaded just fine in MapVoteLA. :cool:

    So now I just need to get a hold of the rest of the LGI 155/55 CTF4 maps and we'll be good to go. :cool:

    So you guys try to find them if you can. :wiggle:
  5. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    I've found over 100 maps so far, uploading them all to the server as I get the chance too. Not sure if any are broken, so you guys are going to have to vote for them and see if they crash. I'll be checking the server logs for crashed maps. In most cases, they will be missing packages and I'll just have to hunt them down. :cool:
  6. AssKicker

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    nero i bet has the 4 team ctf maps that jomax redid! they came out great! hopefully they see this post and speak up about them!
  7. overflow

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    I think i have them saved somewhere.

    CTF4 was a lot of fun!
  8. AnGeL

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    Nero is mia and is probably on vacation or something or just very busy with work and life so i doubt you will be getting them from him anytime soon unless he pops up lol
  9. Avenger

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    Damn skillz. Dont kill yourself...but thank you.
  10. overflow

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  11. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome bro, will download it and install them!!
  12. konc3pt

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    I've been running a ctf4 server for years amongst other gametypes and mods, and am very familiar with its settings as well as multictf and mapvote . I can help you if you have questions or concerns i also have a butt load of maps for it , many in zips , others u can find what you need (if any) using unrealoffice . feel free tp pm me on msn if you need help with any server related issues or if ya just wanna play
  13. Skillz

    Skillz Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks but I got it to work. No one was interested in playing it though, but it's still "installed" on the server #2, just not enabled.
  14. Gotcha

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    Thanks for all your work brah!

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