Adding and Prepping Custom Maps to Your Server

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    Personally I found this useful and wanted to share. Originally posted on

    Quick help for downloading, installing compressing and using custom maps in KillingFloor

    1) Download a custom map and place it in your maps folder.

    2) Change to your system folder and type the following:

    ./ucc-bin compress ../maps/mapname.rom -nohomedir

    This will compress the map into into a much smaller size and display .uz2 at the end of the map name.

    This will reduce download time and keep bandwidth to a fraction of what it would have been without compression.

    3) Go to your map folder and you’ll see the compressed map as <mapname.rom.uz2>.

    4) Remove this compressed map from your map folder and upload it to your third party host / webserver

    5) Go to your KillingFloor.ini and locate [IpDrv.HTTPDownload]
    In the RedirectToURL= place the location of the compressed map:

    Note the forward slash at the end of the redirect link.

    By default you will see UseCompression=True is already set.

    6) Find the [DefaultKF MaplistRecord] in your KillingFloor.ini and add the name of the map to the bottom.

    You can also perform this task in the Web Admin Interface.

    7) Restart your server and perform a Map Vote for the new map.
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